Warm Days Expected in First Half of September

Slight to moderate haze conditions on some days if winds shift to blow from south or southwest


Singapore, 1 September 2015 – Southwest Monsoon conditions are forecast to prevail during the first fortnight with low level winds blowing predominantly from southeast or south-southwest.

2.   In the first fortnight of September 2015, some warm days can be expected with maximum temperatures of around 34 degrees Celsius. Short-duration thundery showers are likely on 3 to 5 days, mostly in the late morning and early afternoon. In addition, thundery showers with gusty winds due to Sumatra squalls can be expected on 1 or 2 days in the morning.

3.   As periods of consecutive dry days can be expected over the region, Singapore could experience slight to moderate hazy conditions on a few days if the prevailing winds shift to blow from the south or southwest.

4.  The rainfall for the first fortnight of September 2015 is expected to be below-normal.

Review of 1 – 31 August 2015

5.   Southwest-Monsoon conditions prevailed in August 2015. During the period, the low level winds blew from the southeast or south-southwest.

6.   In the first fortnight of August 2015, Singapore experienced wet weather conditions on most days. Thundery showers with gusty winds affected the island on a few mornings due to the passage of a Sumatra squall during the period. In the last two weeks of the month, the weather in Singapore was mostly dry and warm. For August 2015, the highest daily maximum temperature recorded on some days was between 34.5 and 34.8 degrees Celsius. On a few wet days during the month, the lowest daily minimum temperature recorded was between 21.6 and 21.9 degree Celsius.

7.   For several days in the second half of August 2015, Singapore experienced slightly hazy conditions due to smoke haze from fires in Sumatra that were blown in by the prevailing south to southwesterly winds.

8.  In August 2015, most parts of Singapore received below-average rainfall. The lowest rainfall of 78mm and 102mm (45 to 60% below average) was recorded over the northern part of Singapore around Admiralty. Rainfall was highest over the southern and eastern parts the island around Newton and Simei respectively, where 220mm to 244mm (15 to 30% above average) of rain was recorded.



Average rainfall for the month — 168.8 mm
Highest rainfall ever recorded — 440.4 mm (1988)
Lowest rainfall ever recorded — 23.7 mm (1994)
Average number of rain days — 14
Average daily maximum temperature — 30.9 degrees Celsius
Average daily minimum temperature — 24.3 degrees Celsius

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