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The Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) is Singapore’s national authority on the weather and climate. It is an operations division under the National Environment Agency (NEA) . The key departments within MSS are:


Weather Services Department (WSD)

WSD provides round the clock weather forecasts, warnings, monitoring and assessment for critical sectors such as civil aviation, military, maritime, private/public agencies and the general public.

Meteorological Systems Department (MSD)

MSD provides support in key installations, meteorological equipment and computer systems, to meet MSS’s operational and technical requirements.

Risk and Resource Department (RRD)

RRD analyses risks and assesses their impact from the corporate/organisational angle.

Centre for Climate Research Singapore (CCRS)

CCRS is a leading centre in tropical climate and weather research focusing on the Southeast Asia region. Find out more about its research work here.


MSS hosts the ASEAN Specialised Meteorological Centre (ASMC), which was initiated as a regional collaboration programme to enhance the capacity of meteorological services in ASEAN member countries.


Organisation Structure

Director General

Ms Wong Chin Ling


Ms Patricia Ee

Weather Services


Mr Lesley Choo

Meteorological Systems



Risk and Resource


Prof Erland Källén

Centre for Climate Research

Our Vision

To be a world-class meteorological centre of excellence contributing to public safety and enhancing quality of life

Our Mission

To observe and understand the weather and climate affecting Singapore and to provide services in support of national needs and international co-operation. The key areas within the mission include:

  • Collecting and maintaining of reliable long-term national weather records
  • Providing reliable weather and climate services
  • Conducting high quality research to advance understanding and prediction of the weather and climate of Singapore and the region
  • Performing risk and impact assessment of natural environmental hazards