Meteorological Service Singapore Launches One-Stop Weather Information Website

Comprehensive weather and climate information packaged in one easy-to-use website


Singapore, 20 May 2015 – Need to know where in Singapore there is currently rain? Or what the weather will be in the next two hours where you are? With the new weather information website launched today by Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS), the public can now access more comprehensive real-time and past weather information of Singapore. The one-stop website ( provides authoritative weather forecasts, warnings and advisories of heavy rain, smoke haze and geological hazards, as well as long-term climate statistics of Singapore.


Enhancing Current Weather Situation Awareness

2          One key feature of the new website is a map display of real-time observations of temperature, rainfall, humidity and surface wind at various locations across the island. These weather elements are measured continuously by MSS’ island-wide network of over 60 automatic weather stations. The observations are updated on the website at five minute intervals, giving an indication of where the currently warmest, wettest or windiest parts of the island are. Users can also view graphs that display the trends of temperature and other elements at selected locations over the course of the day.

3          Those engaging in outdoor activities can also visit the website for the latest information on where rain is falling over Singapore and our surrounding region, a few hundred kilometres away. They can also access information on lightning detected over the island, and get lightning alerts for pre-selected locations.


Better Planning and Preparedness with Forecasts and Warnings

4          Forecasts of the weather over Singapore, ranging from hours to days ahead, are also available on the website to help users make better informed decisions. For a general weather outlook further ahead, one can refer to the fortnightly outlook and updates on the monsoon season and the El Nino/La Nina.

5          Apart from the regular weather forecasts, the website provides heavy rain warnings for Singapore and regular updates and advisories on smoke haze, tropical cyclones, earthquakes, tsunami and volcanic eruptions affecting the region.


Knowing Past Weather History

6          Another key feature of the website is a comprehensive database of historical climatological records of Singapore since 1980. The database contains daily readings of rainfall, temperature and wind at various locations across the island, which can be downloaded if needed. Such data will be of particular interest to people who wish to know the weather conditions on a specific day in the past, or to carry out analysis of past weather data. Also included are Singapore’s past climate trends and historical extremes of various weather elements.

7          The new website includes extensive educational content which serves as a resource for those who are keen to learn more about our weather and climate. Photography enthusiasts are also invited to contribute photos they have taken of interesting weather phenomena observed in Singapore. Selected photos will be featured on the website. To submit your photos, email them to