Haze Situation Update (11 October 2023)

Singapore, 11 October 2023 – There were thundery showers over many areas in Singapore in the late morning and early afternoon today. As at 5pm, the 1-hr PM2.5 concentration readings were 12-33 µg/m3, in Band I (Normal), and the 24-hr PSI was 56-82, in the Moderate range.

Update on Hotspot and Haze Situation

2    Drier conditions were observed over several parts of Sumatra today. 66 hotspots were detected mostly over the southern and central parts of Sumatra, higher than the 15 hotspots detected yesterday. Over southern Sumatra, moderate smoke haze was observed from satellite imagery blowing towards the northwest.

3    While drier weather is forecast over southern and parts of central Sumatra tomorrow, showers over Singapore and its surrounding regions are expected to keep the likelihood of transboundary haze low. The prevailing winds are expected to blow mainly from the south or southwest. For the next 24 hours, the 24-hr PSI for Singapore is forecast to be in the Moderate range.

Activity Guidelines

4    The health impact of haze is dependent on one’s health status, the PSI level, and the length and intensity of outdoor activity. For immediate outdoor activities, please check the 1-hr PM2.5 concentration readings and personal guide. Use the 24-hr PSI forecast and corresponding health advisories for planning next day outdoor activities.

5     For updates, visit our haze microsite (www.haze.gov.sg), the NEA website (www.nea.gov.sg), MSS website (www.weather.gov.sg), mobile app (myEnv) or follow us on NEA Facebook (www.facebook.com/NEASingapore) and NEA Twitter (@NEAsg). For information on the distribution of hotspots detected over the past fortnight in the region, please refer to the ASEAN Specialised Meteorological Centre (ASMC) website at http://asmc.asean.org.

Areas with lighter smoke haze are not indicated as they cannot be clearly discerned from satellite imagery.

– End –