Dry And Breezy Weather Expected For Lunar New Year

Dry conditions to persist for at least the next one to two weeks

Singapore, 29 January 2014
– Singapore is currently in the dry phase of the Northeast Monsoon season, typically characterised by drier and cooler weather and generally windy conditions. The onset of this dry phase is earlier than usual this year, leading to fewer rain days and significantly lower rainfall this month. The last few weeks have also been marked by a spell of cooler than normal minimum temperatures.

2The rainfall total for January (1 to 28 Jan 2014) ranged from 20 to 125 mm (45-90% below the long-term average) across the island. At the Changi climate station, 75.4mm of rainfall and five rain days were recorded over this period, compared to the long-term average rainfall of 242.3mm and 15 rain days respectively for January[1]. The last recorded rainfall was 0.8mm in Jurong on 16 January 2014.

3Since 14 January 2014, daily minimum temperatures of between 21 and 22 degrees Celsius were recorded in various parts of the island. The cooler than normal temperatures are due to a surge of cold winds from a high pressure system over China, blowing towards Singapore and the region. Singapore last experienced a similar spell of cool minimum temperatures during the Northeast Monsoon in early 2009.

4In the coming days, the current cool daily minimum temperatures are expected to increase slightly to the long term average value of around 23.5 degrees Celsius for January and February. However, the current dry and occasionally windy conditions are forecast to persist for at least the next one to two weeks. During this period, slight haze may occur under light wind conditions on a few mornings.

5For the Lunar New Year holiday period, the weather is expected to be fair and occasionally windy, with the daily temperature ranging between 23 and 31 degrees Celsius.

6Please refer to the table below for the lowest daily minimum temperature recorded for each day in January 2014.

Date (January 2014) Lowest Daily Minimum Temperature (deg C)
1 23.4
2 23.4
3 23.3
4 23.0
5 22.6
6 22.4
7 22.7
8 22.7
9 22.7
10 22.7
11 22.4
12 23.2
13 23.5
14 22.4
15 22.4
16 22.2
17 21.6
18 21.1
19 21.3
20 21.4
21 21.5
22 21.0
23 21.4
24 21.5
25 21.0
26 21.0
27 21.3
28 22.6
29 22.5


[1] A rain day is defined as one with daily rainfall of 0.2mm or more.

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