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    Multi-model ensemble forecasts of smoke aerosol optical depth and surface particulate matter concentrations.

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    Identification of areas in the region at risk of fires based on prevailing weather conditions.


Review and Outlook

In the northern ASEAN region, scattered showers fell over the northern and western parts of Myanmar. Elsewhere in the northern ASEAN region, it was generally dry except for isolated showers over the eastern Mekong sub-region. In the southern ASEAN region, scattered showers fell over northern Sumatra, parts of Malaysia and the eastern half of Kalimantan. Dry weather continued to persist elsewhere in the region. Isolated smoke plumes were observed in the vicinity of hotspots in South Kalimantan and South Sumatra.
Showers are forecast over many areas of the ASEAN region, except for the Java sea region and southern Sumatra where dry conditions are forecast to persist. Prevailing winds in the region are forecast to continue blowing from the southeast or southwest.

(Updated 12:38 AM 12 Jul 2019)

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